OHIO AUCTION Ultimate Viper Party

This year we have decided to abbreviate our auction items in order to spend more time socializing with our members. There will only be a few items offered to online bidders. There will NOT be a “live” online auction! In order for those that can not attend to bid on the items we are asking you to submit your highest bid in the form of an absentee bid through a PM to me. Those bids are due by Friday April 28 at NOON. A person will be designated to execute those absentee bids in the room when the auction starts. That means you may get it for less than your bid or you may be outbid by those in attendance at the party. If you have any questions please post or PM me! I will add a few more items in the next week or so.

First item is a Gen II silver painted wheel ( Rear), new condition, with a working battery clock. It also features a lighted blue neon night light around the entire perimeter of the brake rotor and a lifelike Brembo brake caliper cover. The glass top is tempered, 3/8″ thick with a polished pencil edge and is 24″ in diameter. There is a sandblast look Sneaky Pete logo on the underside of the glass. It stands 34″ tall and has adjustable levelers on the heavy metal base. This item is heavy and will ship in 3-4 boxes, buyer to pay all S/H costs or make arrangements for pickup

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2nd Item is a 4′ tall gas pump display case, featuring 5 cars (1:18 diecast metal) representing one of each generation of Viper made. The top globe is lighted on both sides with 25th Anniversary Viper Logo and there are three sandblast look logos on the inside of the glass front, Sneaky Pete, Fang and Stryker. There is a keyed lock on the front glass. Item is heavy and will ship in two boxes, buyer responsible for S/H fees or making pickup arrangements.

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Items 3,4 5. Viper Corn hole games. There are three sets, Sneaky Pete, Fang and Stryker (Not Pictured). Each set will have two boards, red and blue, and will feature the logo on the board and each bean bag (4 red, 4 blue). Bid on the ones you want and let me know which you prefer! They will be sold with only ONE logo(SP, Fang or Stryker) per set! NOT AS PICTURED! The board measures 2’x3′ and the entire set collapses into the bag shown to the right. When packed it measures about 6’x6″x36″ and will fit easily in the back of most Vipers! Buyer to pay S/H costs.
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Item 6: Authentic Jack Daniel Whiskey Barrel. Graciously donated by the Grailkeeper, Herb Helbig. 1/2 the proceeds from this item will go to charity!
Buyer to pay S/H fees.

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Special guests this year include:

Herb Helbig
Mike Stevens
Mark Trostle
Tom Sessions

RSVPs due by April 26th. I have a couple rooms left in reserve, if you need a room, contact me directly!